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Lima.- With its attractive designs, Samsung Lifestyle TVs are used as articles to enhance the interior and express the taste of each person. From The Serif, it takes the form of a “I” mayuscula, and The Frame, with its elegant and branded model; hasta The Sero, which has an aesthetic that recalls a retreat, the full range of Samsung Lifestyle models was created for all tastes.

Depending on the site, there are various ways in which Samsung Lifestyle televisions can be used to enhance the interiors. With the help of a designer named Rachel, Samsung Newsroom created elegant ways to install these pants, as well as objects, to create a variety of locations. If you want to decorate your interior with plants or prefer a minimalist aesthetic, the following tricks and tips will help you create the perfect space.

  • The key to minimalism resides in the beauty of the vacant space. The key is to select only the necessary furniture and colors, however, if the space appears to be vacated, this extra can be set up with frames or a pie lamp.
  • Colocar a large plant next to “The Frame” will add life to your space maintaining a minimalist aspect. Use gas curtains, encase the blanks to create a space that offers intimacy, while having plenty of sunlight.
  • The Serif is very well located from the back, as if it were located in the center of a dwelling, it would be possible to separate the dwelling into two spaces. Relocate a comfortable sofa in front of the transformer TV in the perfect place to relax.

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