Trading Navideño se Desata una Trajectoria Alcista

The EUR/USD has experienced a solid upward price velocity in the last twelve hours, after which the economic data and the notes of the Federal Reserve of EE.UU. adágéran combustible al sentimiento alcista (bullish).


The speculators must recognize that the volume of trading in the Forex market will be lighter than normal today, and this includes the EUR/USD that will be affected by the absence of American banking institutions. Los traders must be prepared for the sudden developments with the values ​​of the EUR/USD that appear to appear without technical merit, this is if the large orders are factored into an imbalanced market. Después de la warning de trading de las vacaciones, los speculators have a reason to feel bullish (bullish) about the EUR/USD in the short term.

La trajectory ascendente en el: EUR/USD price: that it has recently been demonstrated that an additional injection of fuel was obtained in the reaction added to the feeling of positive behavior yesterday. The economic data of EE.UU, according to the flash statistics of Services and the Manufacturing PMI, were weaker than expected. But the most important thing was the publication of the minutes of the meeting of the Federal Reserve, which made it clear that several key members of the American central bank want to start moving away from the aggressive increases of the tasas de interes:.

The Appearance of Moderate Fundamental Rhetoric (Dovish) is an Important Signal for Trading the EUR/USD

Technically, the EUR/USD has estado al alcance de una tendency alcista (bullish) a largo plazo, but the constant downward drift began to reach its end at the end of September, when the currency pair reached the level of 0.95400. Since the 3rd of November, when the EUR/USD was operating around 0.97350, the currency pair has risen gradually to the extent that the financial houses showed clear signs that they no longer believed that the Federal Reserve of the EE.UU. fuera capáz de mantener su política de: tasas de interes agressiva (hawkish). Yesterday’s publication of the Fed’s thinking through the “Actas” report showed that this perspective is probably correct.

  • The festivity of the Día de Acción de Gracias in the EE.UU. it means that today and tomorrow the trading volume will be scarce and the conditions will be very complicated. Los traders que persiguen el EUR/USD a corto plazo deben tener cuidado.
  • Until the trading volume returns after the end of the week, the EUR/USD can see a very quiet price action, mixed with sudden spikes in speed. Short-term risk management is recommended.


La Búsqueda de una Tendencia Alcista Emergente es Tentadora, Pero Hay que Tener Precaution

No se puede culpar a los traders del EUR/USD que quieran perseguir la action del price al alza y esperen coger una velocidad major significanta. Sin embargo, los traders del día deben estar prepared para condiciones agitadas due to al trading de las vacaciones y su típica falta de volumen, que tende causar picos que a menudo no se pueden explicar.

Buscar el movimiento al alza través de compra del EUR/USD puede ser una apuesta que zezca la pena, pero los traders deben ser realisticas y cobra las ganancias si se consiguen. The lack of a strong volume of trading in the EUR/USD could show a price action that does not seem to correlate with the actual feeling of behavior. El volumen de trading completo no volverá hasta la próxima semana, mientras tanto los traders del EUR/USD should be very cautious.

Pronóstico a Corto Plazo del EUR/USD.

  • Resistencia Actual: 1.04450
  • Support Current: 1.04290
  • Objetivo Alto: 1.05300
  • Objetivo Bajo: 1.03890

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Technical Analysis of EUR/USD

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