united kingdom: UK economy worries grow: Pound plummets to 37-year low against dollar

The pound, a unit of sterling and the currency used in the United Kingdom, has seen an enormous drop in its foreign exchange rate. Sterling is now at its weakest against the US dollar since 1985 due to low trading levels and increased borrowings while inflationary levels are increasing.

What is the rate of the pound now?

It is now at $1.12 against the US dollar, showing a fall of up to 17% against the US dollar since the beginning of this year.

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What has caused the decline?

There seem to be several reasons for the decline in the foreign exchange rate of the pound, given as follows:

  • The strength of the US dollar is one of the reasons. The dollar is at its highest in twenty years against several different currencies. It has been due to the significant interest rates charged by the Federal Reserve system of the United States of America.
  • As inflation is prevailing in the UK, borrowing is less due to its high cost and interest rate increase, making people spend less. However, the mini-budget idea of ​​UK Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng might increase borrowing. The Office for Budget Responsibility has not yet given the forecasts, thereby increasing people’s fears.
  • Markets can only assume who will consider loans when the government is busy increasing the borrowings, said RBC Capital Markets. Although the official interest rate of the Bank of England has increased and is sure to do so again, that was not the main reason.

Impact of the pound’s rate falling

It is likely to increase the country’s exports while showing a decline in imports as prices of foreign goods, mainly from the USA, will be available at a higher cost now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the forecast for the GBP?
According to the predictions, the pound might drop below $1.05, which would be a record low.

What is a Foreign Exchange Rate?
The price of one unit of the local currency expressed in another is known as a foreign exchange rate.

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