VESSEL REVIEW | Yangsheng 10 – New luxury Ro-Pax for Chinese waters


Photo: Seahead

Chinese vessel operator Yangshan Passenger Line recently welcomed a new coastal and inter-island Ro-Pax ferry to its fleet.

Designed by Chinese naval architecture firm Zhejiang Seahead Ship Design and Research Institute (Seahead), Yangsheng 10 has a steel monohull construction, a length of 57 meters, a beam of 14.5 meters, capacity for 289 passengers and 20 vehicles, and two diesel engines that deliver a speed of 15 knots. Access between the vehicle and passenger decks is via stairway

Yangsheng 10 is homeported in Yangshan just outside of Shanghai. It will be operated mainly in the waters of Zhejiang province between Yangshan and Shenjiawan Island. During the region’s peak tourist season, the ferry will be redeployed to shoulder the additional transport requirements of passengers and freight between Shenjiawan and Sijiao Island.

The new build was constructed as a luxury vessel with an optimized passenger cabin layout, additional seating, and large viewing windows.

The new ferry also boasts improved wind resistance compared to the older vessels currently serving the Yangshan-Shenjiawan route. Its construction helps address the lack of maritime transport in the area, allowing the continued flow of people and goods to and from the mainland.

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Yangsheng 10
Type of vessel: Ro-Pax ferry
Flag: China
Operator: Yangshan Passenger Line, China
Designer: Zhejiang Seahead Ship Design and Research Institute, China
Hull construction material: Steel
Length overall: 57 meters
Beam: 14.5 meters
Capacity: 20 vehicles
Passengers: 289
Operational area: Zhejiang, China

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