Veterans getting opportunity to start dream business thanks to FGCU program


Veterans are getting the chance to bring their business dreams to life thanks to an entrepreneurship program at FGCU.

Two veterans who have been best friends since they were 14-years-old are working to have their own hydro graphics business.

“When I first started this out like three years ago, everything ended up in my garage, and I wasn’t doing anything with it because I had no idea how to get started,” said Blair Jenkins, director of Black Sunshine Hydro Graphics and Tactical.

The Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program at FGCU has these veterans turned business people.

“They’re a different kind of breed. They have so much passion, so I strive and they are willing to go the extra mile compared to others, ”said Stormie Pruskauer, program coordinator for the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program.

The 12-week course gives veterans the tools they need to get their businesses going.

Saturday will be a big day for them. They will stand in front of judges and present their business ideas with the chance to win $ 10,000 to help with their start-up.

“Is the pitch going to turn out well? What are the judges going to think? Insanely nervous, ”said Adam Hoyle, director of Black Sunshine Hydro Graphics and Tactical.

From risking their lives for our country to following a dream, Jenkins and Hoyle are ready to show why they’re the ones who deserve to win the money.

“To see how much drive and inspiration that they have and motivation for themselves, it’s such a beautiful process to see. So it’s extremely inspiring, ”said Pruskauer.

“It makes us feel special, to be honest with you. Well, just it’s heartwarming how much they helped and what they’re willing to do, ”said Hoyle.

FGCU holds three different courses for veterans who want to learn how to start their own businesses.

If you would like to learn more about the Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program at FGCU, click here.

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