[VIRAL] Elon Musk’s College Lover Auctions Some ‘Youthful’ Photos of the Billionaire During His UPenn Days

Who would have thought that your ex-boyfriend’s photos would become profitable later?

That happened in the case of Jennifer Gwynne, Elon Musk’s former girlfriend, who is selling the billionaire’s mementos and old photos in an auction.

Who is Jennifer Gwynne?

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The former girlfriend of Elon Musk back has reportedly auctioned his college photos at RR Auction.

Before Musk and Grimes became official, there was a time when the tech boss dated a woman whom he put in college. When the Tesla owner was studying at the University of Pennsylvania, he met Gwynne, who later became his college sweetheart.

According to a report by CNN, the couple served as resident advisers in the university’s dorm. It was in 1994 when the two started dating.

Although Musk and Gwynne broke up, the two shared a lot of lovely pictures together. Elon even gave his girlfriend a memorable set of gifts at that time, in the form of a gold necklace and a birthday card.

Elon Musk’s Ex-Girlfriend Auctions His Photos

Before SpaceX and Tesla arrived, Musk thought of pursuing a doctoral program at Stanford. However, he decided to shift ways and start creating Zip2, his very first startup.

Through a report from The Strait Times, Gwynne came up with the idea of ​​putting Elon’s memorabilia on RR Auction, an auction platform based in Boston.

Gwynne put 18 candid photos of Elon Musk and other digital souvenirs of their sweet college life.

As of writing, the item with the highest bid is the signed birthday card.

Many bidders are putting their money on the necklace that Musk gave on Gwynne’s birthday. “Happy Birthday, Jennifer (aka, Boo-Boo), Love, Elon” was written on it.

The necklace was not an ordinary necklace that you could see anywhere. It has an embedded emerald that Musk’s father got from an emerald mine in Zambia.

According to RR, the value of the memorabilia card could go over $10,000 this week.

“His mom had a number of these necklaces in a case in her bedroom, and Elon told me they were from his father’s emerald mine in South Africa – he pulled one from the case. And because I hadn’t gotten him anything as a Christmas gift (and I felt very guilty about that), he said we would consider the necklace an early birthday present for me,” Gwynne told RR.

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It’s Always Elon

Gwynne admitted that she had always thought of Elon while wearing the necklace in the past years. Additionally, the accessory includes a picture of Musk. The other photo featured his mother with his girlfriend in 1995.

For those who don’t want to miss this Musk-filled auction, you can visit the official site of RR Auction for more information. It’s a must-collectible for Elon fans who want to treasure a past part of him.

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