Wealth Solutions under the name of Valencia and incorporate the Julio de Miguel Vilar-Sancho to get

The firm with 3,200 million guests in the state of the art and the brand as the objection that the Valencia community will have 20% more.

The firm specializes in consultancy and patrimonial fundraiser by Borja Durán and Jorge Coca sigh consolidating its creativity with its new office in Valencia. Try the la tercera sucursal de Wealth Solutions in Spain, paired with Madrid and Barcelona; y la cuarta a nivel mundial, contando la de Miami.

The new office of the form of part of the Apothecary of Wealth Solutions for the Valencian Community, which is considered “clave for the firm”. From the three cubicles of all the demand to the new national, as in other parts of Europe. Ofrecen Integrated patrimonial integration, consultation and formation, as well as inverse particulate matter or families as for institutions. For his part, the Miami office has closed the door to the needs of its clients in Latin America and the United States, explicitly.

With motivation to expand, Julio de Miguel Vilar-Sancho is incorporated into the equipo of Wealth Solutions as director. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, it has been considered as a responsive commercial of the Valencian Community in Mutuactivos, a senior private credit bank and a director of the Center for Private Banking in Valencia. It is licensed in the field and has an MBA for the Institute of the Empire of Madrid, as is the certification of the European Financial Advisor (EFA).

Create in the regin

At the end of 2021, Wealth Solutions combined with a total management system 3.200 million euros with clients in more than 10 pages. In the actuality, Catalunya represents in torno to 60% of the patrimonial language in Spain and the object is that The Valencian Community of New Zealand 20% a cuatro años.

Borja Durán and Jorge Coca, fundraisers of Wealth Solutions, said: “We have a lot of time to present in the regi conn with a creatively notable, and ahora se las condosiones idónas para rezar nuestra presiccia de un gran professional de la región. We know Julio is more than 15 years old, so we can see his traits and coherence, and we always share principles, values ​​and values. .

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