Weather: Cool for now, but more summery late-week

ITHACA, NY – As far as the weather goes, it’s hard to ask for a nice Father’s Day. Sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 60s, and a northwest breeze make for pretty decent weather for outdoor barbecues, picnics, or a sojourn in the hammock. Maybe it’s a tad chilly in the shade, but overall, it’s a great day to be outdoors.

This unseasonable coolness shouldn’t last much longer. As the high shifts east, southerly flow will start, and then a warm front mid-week will usher in hotter and more humid air for those who prefer a more summery feel. Apart from Tuesday and Wednesday, opportunities for new rainfall will be limited.

Your Weekly Weather

It’s a sunny if breezy and cool Sunday for June and your Father’s Day celebrations. High pressure over the Western Great Lakes provides for dry and stable conditions, but also a northwest wind that helps maintain temperatures 10-15 degrees below average across Upstate New York.

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