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Thursday morning as the last bits of this soaking cold front move through. Turning to the weekend, Saturday will be the wet day, though I’m more optimistic that it won’t be a washout.

Joseph Martucci

Road, stream and creek flooding will remain possible into the morning in spots. Localized heavy downpours from overnight will continue until 8 to 10 am, rolling off the coast last.


Joseph Martucci

The flood potential is due to precipitable water values ​​- the amount of water in a column of air, measured in inches – near the record amount for early June. You need to get rain first, but when it rains, it can literally pour.

Water in a column of air

Joe Martucci

To a lesser extent, damaging winds cannot be ruled out. Sixty-mph gusts may blow, but given the more stable time of day it’s happening, it’s a low risk.

Thursday 8 AM.JPG

Joseph Martucci

Southwest kept it warm overnight, with morning lows in the mid- to upper 60s. Once the cold front clears with the rain, winds will turn to the drier west direction. The sunshine will come out and high temperatures will get around 80 degrees, even for towns like Atlantic City along the coast. It’ll be a comfortable pm

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That will close out the week. Thursday night will be mainly clear. Temperatures will fall into the 70s and 60s for your evening, pleasant. As the night goes on, overnight lows will be between 60 and 65 degrees. Dew points will be low and make it dry.

Friday will be the best day of the weekend (just like the shore summer weekend weather report card, Friday is the weekend here). It will be warm, bright and not too humid.

Muggy Meter.JPG

Joseph Martucci

Weak high pressure will give us just enough for a rain-free day. Highs will be in the mid- to upper 70s.

Clouds will thicken Friday night with high pressure quickly going away. Winds will turn to the southeast, which will make it feel damp. The evening will be balmy as the shore fills up for the weekend, in the 70s.

Moving overnight, lows will be 60 to 65 degrees, staying seasonable for this time of year.

More details have then emerged for Saturday’s storm system, and if you’re banking on outdoor events, it’s trending better.

I expected off-and-on showers for Saturday, rather than a washout. The driest part of the day still looks like the morning, so if you can move your outdoor plans to the morning, that would be best. At this time, tidal flooding is likely.

Still, expect about 40% of the day to be wet. Furthermore, onshore winds will keep it cool and damp, with highs barely reaching above 70 degrees everywhere. So keep the umbrellas and ponchos ready for a day on the boardwalk, but you won’t need it all the time.

Rain showers will continue into Saturday evening. Sunday morning should be dry with just fog that burns off midmorning. Expect a mostly cloudy day with thunderstorms likely staying away. Highs will be higher in the 70s.

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Lastly, given the remnants of “Alex” swirling to the northeast of Bermuda, there will be a higher risk for rip currents into the end of the week. Please don’t swim where there are no lifeguards. If you’re caught in a rip current, call for a lifeguard while swimming parallel to the shore. Don’t fight against it directly.

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