Weed-y good funding announced | Wyndham

Wyndham will receive state government funding to assist with preventing the spread of invasive weeds and pests on roadsides.

Local government minister Melissa Horne announced that $11,713 through the Roadside Weeds and Pests Control Program would be allocated to help support Wyndham.

“We’re supporting local communities to reduce the spread of weeds and pests along rural roadsides, which have the potential to wreak havoc on native plant species,” she said.

“Through better control of our roadside weeds and pests, we could potentially save our farmers and economy millions of dollars each year.”

The funding will assist Wyndham with a range of activities along their rural roadsides, including treating and preventing ‘regionally controlled’ and ‘restricted’ weeds, and managing rabbit populations. ‘Regionally controlled’ weeds are defined as being widespread in a region, requiring landowners to prevent their growth and spread, while ‘restricted’ weeds are considered a serious threat to all states and territories.

“This funding will support Wyndham Council to carry out important work that protects our rural communities from invasive weeds and pests,” Werribee MP Tim Pallas said.

Weeds and pests cost the Victorian economy over $900 million each year by disrupting agricultural production, damaging native biodiversity, and contributing to the spread of fires.

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