What are automatic trading robots?

When we talk about trading, we refer to the operation of buying and selling diverse financial assets. Due to the appearance of this strategy, in the last years a very specific type of trading has been developed in the financial world. automated or robotic trading.

Such transactions consist of an intelligent software that automates said purchase or sale operations. This is thanks to the algorithmic trading systems, which seek the most favorable market situation for investors who have previously determined certain parameters to react to.

With this type of programming, a robot can work 24 hours a day, which is not possible for humans. Si eres un experto en el tema ya sabrás lo que es bitcode prime?el más avanzo para comprar bitcoin a tu nombre.

Typology of robot trading:

Entre los robots commerciales automatizados, encontramos dos tipos. one can be downloaded and installed for free and the other requires payment.

De nuevo, se pueden categorizar según los mercados en los que operan, siendo los más relevantes.

Robot to commercialize crypto

The objective of cryptocurrency trading bots is to earn money by investing in the cryptocurrency market, that is, buying Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Los bots comerciales de Bitcoin funcionan bien en mercados de rápido movimiento o highly volátiles como las criptomonedas: because they use a large quantity of data on the cyclical fluctuations of the prices of this cryptocurrency to automatically generate profits.

Robot de commerce automatizado de Forex

This type was created to work in the Forex market, especially in platforms like Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5.

The operation of these bots is based on opening and closing currency pairs based on their price movements, the most common currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

Forex bots scan the entire market in milliseconds and help you find opportunities that people wouldn’t see otherwise.

Robot de options binarias

Aunque se pueden obtener grandes ganancias con such robots en poco tiempo, los riesgos asociados con ellos son altos.

In this investment system, you bet on the increase or decrease in the price of an asset during a certain period of time, which means that you do not pay a specific amount for the asset, but invest by speculating on the direction of its price.

Robot de algorithm CFD

These commercial robots are based on derivatives, contracts by difference or CDF, contracts in which two parties exchange the difference between entry and exit prices multiplied by a determined number of actions or indexes.

Its profitability is high, since some platforms allow intervention through leveraging, and allow you to operate with assets from all markets, including cryptocurrencies or currency pairs, but it is also associated with a greater risk.

Advantages of robots trading:

Todas estas categorias de comercio automatizado tienen algunas caracteristics que son muy attractivas y mostron algunas vantageas como.

No fixed working hours, as mentioned earlier, the programming of operations allows you to be present in the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, los inversores pueden ahorrar mucho tiempo que pueden dedicador a otras actividades, porque las actions se realización automáticamente, por lo que es necesario estar frente a la pantalla allo el tiempo.

Otro importante factor es la: lack of emotionsno emotional component was found in these operations, so irrational decisions were avoided, such as the excess of confidence, and they were taken with objectivity, without hesitation.

The operations are executed at a very high speedsince the algorithmic system instantly reacts to changes in the market, being able to execute predetermined orders in fractions of a second.

There are also: opciones de prueba ilimitadas: para que pueda tomar tantas pruebas o ámenes como desee sin tener que hacerlo.

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