Where to get Gold in Minecraft version 1.19

Gold is a rare spawn mineral that players can dig up in Minecraft. Gold is harder to find than other minerals like Iron and Coal but isn’t as difficult to find as Diamond. If you mine enough, you will eventually find some gold in your adventures. However, the recent 1.19 update for Minecraft has changed where the mineral can be found.

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Where is gold in Minecraft

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Gold, similar to almost everything else in Minecraft, can be mined underneath the ground. Gold is found deep underground, and you usually have to dig far down to find any gold. The 1.19 update changed where you can find gold a little bit. You will still need to dig, but the mineral can now spawn in a specific biome.

The world of Minecraft is measured with the XYZ coordinates. Each letter in the coordinates determines where you are in the world. The Y coordinate determines your position up and down on the map. A positive Y value increases when you go upwards, while a negative Y value increases when you head downwards. Negative Y values ​​also mean you’re below ground level and deep underneath. You can find your XYZ coordinates on PC by pressing the F3 key on Windows or the fn+F3 key on Mac.

In the Badlands Biome, you can find gold between Y levels 256 and 32. The Badlands is the largest area where gold could potentially spawn, and it is your best shot at finding all the gold you need. Unfortunately, Badlands are rare spawns in the Minecraft overworld. If you can’t find a Badlands Biome, gold will spawn between Y levels 32 and -64, with Y level -16 being the most likely spawn place. Gold blocks can only be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or stronger. Gold bars and ingots can also be found in chests located in Mineshafts or dungeons.

What is gold used for?

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You can craft gold into armor, weapons, and tools. However, gold is not a very durable material and will break easily, making it mostly useless in combat. You’ll most likely want gold for cosmetic purposes, like creating gold blocks to build yourself a solid gold house. Wearing gold armor in the Nether will also prevent Piglins from attacking you. You can also use gold to barter with Piglins.

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