Why Do Tesla Owners Tap the Charger?

You may have seen Tesla EV owners tap the charger on their taillight at a public charging station. It’s not as if they’re shaking excess electricity off a charger. Believe it or not, some Tesla owners might have a method behind the madness. So, why do Tesla owners tap the charger at charging stations?

Do Tesla owners really tap the charger?

The online social media entity TikTok hosted a video wherein a user suggested tapping the charger on the vehicle’s taillight could aid in the charging process. As a result, some Tesla owners have engaged in the practice of tapping the charger before plugging in to juice up. Onlookers may quizzically observe the maneuver and wonder why an EV owner would do such a thing. After all, it’s not like they’re shaking off excess fuel or electrons!

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