Will Tesla’s self-management beta available to everyone in the United States, will it reach Mexico?

The beta version of Tesla’s «Total Autonomous Driving», which has been gradually implemented over the last two years, is now available to any person who has paid for its function in North America.

That’s what CEO Elon Musk announced:

“Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta is now available for any person in North America who requests it from the automotive screen.

“assuming you have purchased this option”.

The launch of the beta software started in 2020 with a small number of customers and since then it has gradually expanded to be available to around 160,000 drivers as of October this year.

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In general, gaining access to the beta version requires drivers to reach a minimum safety threshold with Tesla’s integrated safety score function.

Here’s how to register 100 miles using the company’s advanced Autopilot driver assistance function.

In recent weeks, there have been reports that these requirements have been applied to drivers, and Teslerati reports that Tesla owners have been able to access the beta version of «complete autonomous driving» without fulfilling any requirement in particular.

Musk’s statement that the function is now available for “anyone” who requests it in North America suggests that it is possible that these requirements are no longer in force.

Tesla’s technology problem

Tesla’s driver assistance technology, not to mention the company’s commercialization of it, faces intense scrutiny from regulators.

The Administración Nacional de Seguridad del Tráfico en las Carreteras de EE. UU. is investigating incidents in which Tesla vehicles collided with stationary emergency vehicles while using autopilot and, according to information, the Department of Justice has opened its own investigation.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles also accused Tesla of making claims «false or misleading» about the capacity of autonomous driving of their automobiles.

how to get it

Access to the beta version depends on whether drivers have purchased Tesla’s “Total Autonomous Driving” feature, which is currently offered for an initial fee of $15,000 dollars when purchasing a car, or as part of a subscription up to $199.

According to Tesla’s website, the functions available include the ability to identify and respond to traffic lights and stop signals, with the option to drive automatically in the streets of the city that appear as “next”.

Tesla autos include “autopilot” driver assistance functions, such as traffic-conscious cruise control, while the “improved autopilot” function sells for $6,000 and offers functions like automatic parking and smart calling.

Despite the brand, Tesla’s «Total Autonomous Driving» software is more about an advanced «Level 2» driver assistance system that must be actively monitored by a driver at all times. The «Total autonomous driving» is also available upon subscription.

In 202 Tesla sold 599,550 cars, in addition to the fact that I produce 509,737 units in the world in Mexico, reports of the Model S models are available, in their variants S 85, S 85D and S P85D are the ones with the greatest demand.

Given that the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta can be accessed by subscription, it is not surprising that in the near future we will see cars without a driver circulating in the CDMX streets.

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