Winnipeg business owner looking to start local network to curb crime – Winnipeg

A Winnipeg business owner says he’s fed up with crime in his community, and is now hoping to work with other business owners to fight back.

Ravi Ramberran, the owner of Four Crowns Restaurant & Bar on McPhillips Street, says his business has been targeted numerous times recently. He says in the past week alone, his windows have been smashed three times.

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“It’s like a non-stop train that’s coming through here with property crime,” Ramberran told Global News.

“It’s just been wild. The amount of property crime and the fearlessness of the people to behave like this is just out of hand.”

Ramberran has been running his business on McPhillips Street for seven years, and says he’s never seen crime as bad as it has been this past summer.

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“It’s time to stop, if we don’t do something about it now, it’s going to turn into a ghetto,” he said.

Ramberran is holding a meeting on Friday with other local business owners, hoping to start a business network on crime to share ideas, look out for each other, and come up with potential cost-saving measures on enhanced security.

“Instead of us all fighting this individually, we can collaborate and find out what works best for our community,” he said.

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Ramberran says numerous businesses in the area have been hit by vandals and thieves, including Pup Paradise, a dog boarding business across the street.

The business was broken last month, and manager Nicole Oliver says the incident has left her feeling a little on edge.

“If I hear a bang I’m like ‘oh my god, what’s happening’. So it’s a little unsettling,” she said.

Last month, thieves smashed out the front windows of Pup Paradise on McPhillips Street, stealing a TV, laptop, and cash from the till.

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“But we’ve kind of just settled back into our routine. We’ve got a camera now and I’ve ordered one of those ring door bells off Amazon.”

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Oliver says one of the managers at Pup Paradise will be taking part in Ramberran’s meeting on Friday.

“It sucks, and it sucks that it seems like there’s nothing you can really do, but they’re taking it upon themselves to do something and I think that’s pretty cool,” she said. “And if we can help each other out going forward, I’m looking forward to working with them.”

Ramberran also says the Winnipeg Police Service community service unit will also be attending the meeting, along with the city councilor for the area.

“I think if we all pitch in together we’re going to become a lot better. I think the problem right now is that we are all fighting it individually and then it becomes much more expensive,” he said.

“It’s time for this to come to an end. I’m tired of the politicians talking about it, like we need to coddle (and) babysit these people. Enough is enough. This is the result of doing that. It’s time to change that.”

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