With 7.47% Returns On 1 Year SIP, This Hybrid Fund Gave Is Good For Investing, SIP Starts At Rs 1000

Parag Parikh Conservative Hybrid Fund

Parag Parikh Conservative Hybrid Fund- Direct Plan, as the name suggests, is a Conservative Hybrid Mutual Fund scheme. This Conservative Hybrid fund recently turned one year, it was launched on 26th May 2021 by the PPFAS Mutual Fund. It is an open-ended fund having a moderately high-risk factor.

The fund’s size of Asset Under Management (AUM) under the Direct Plan is Rs 877.92 crore. The Net Asset Value (NAV) as on 5th August 2022 is Rs 10.9204. The fund’s expense ratio is 0.32%, while the category average is 0.85%. The fund’s benchmark is the CRISIL Hybrid 85+15 Conservative Index.

As the fund is a hybrid fund, it seeks to generate regular income through investments predominantly in debt and money market instruments. The scheme also seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation from the portion of equity investments under the scheme.

Minimum Amount Required For Investment

Minimum Amount Required For Investment

Investors can start investing in this fund with a minimum required amount of Rs 1,000 for the lump sum investment and Rs 1000 for SIP investments, respectively. One can also make additional investments in this fund, for this, the minimum required amount is Rs 1,000.
This fund has no lock-in period, however, the fund charges 1% for the redemption of units more than 10% of the investment within 365 days of the investment.



Lump Sun Investment

under the direct plan growth option, the fund has delivered 8.50% returns in the past 1 year and 9.20% since its inception. Since its inception, the annual average return of the fund is 7.65%.

SIP Investment

In the past 1 year, the fund has delivered 3.98% absolute returns and 7.47% annualized returns



It is a Conservative Hybrid Fund with 13.06% investments in domestic equities, Out of which 11.12% are in large-cap equities. The 75.97% of investments of the fund are in debt out of which 75.41% are in Government Securities and 0.56% in low-risk securities.

The top debt instruments of the fund include State Development Loans and the top equity holding includes Brookfield India Real Estate trust REIT, Bajaj Auto, Embassy Office Parks REIT, Coal India, Power Grid Corporation, ITC, Petronet LNG, Mindspace Business parks, REIT, and Indian Railway Finance Corporation.

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