Woman pleads: ‘Stop taking the pi** by my house’

A WEST Cork woman has threatened she will put videos of people who urinate across from her house – both men and women – on TikTok if they don’t stop the disgusting practice.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, but has provided The Southern Star with her details, said she is fed up with seeing people relieving themselves opposite her house on a busy road between Bantry and Dunmanway.

‘Across from my home is the entrance to a busy link access road. This access road is regularly used by motorists, walkers, women with children, runners and cyclists. Over the past year I have noticed there has been a steady flow of car drivers and their passengers, who pull onto the link road, exit their cars and proceed to urinate in full view of our house, other householders, not to mention passing motorists, ‘ she wrote, in a letter to the paper.

She said she has resorted to writing to the paper because she is ‘pi**ed off’ with people using her road as a public toilet.

‘I understand there are no public toilets in the nearest village, Drimoleague. However, there are public toilets in Dunmanway and Bantry. There is a hotel and a public house in the local village. I am almost certain the owners of these premises would not refuse a request to use their toilet facilities,’ she says.

She adds that the motorists don’t seem to realize that she can see them from her front room, along with what car they drive, the car registration, what they are wearing and often, undesirable parts of their anatomy.

And she went into a lot of detail about one particular driver, on a recent Saturday morning.

He was wearing a pink shirt, with bright red braces and dark trousers – but she saw much more than that. ‘On exiting from his car,’ she wrote, ‘he proceeded to unzip his trousers. On releasing his braces, his trousers slipped while he tried to locate whatever! Thus, I got a full view of his rather fleshy pale backside. Once he found the appropriate organ he began to urinate directly behind his car. He appeared to be completely oblivious to the fact that he was in full view of the houses opposite and indeed anyone who was traveling on the busy main road. Once he finished urinating, he drove off leaving behind a long string of steaming p**s.’

And, shockingly, she also adds that this ‘disgusting and primitive behaviour’ is not just the preserve of the male species. Women equally engage in this practice, she noted. ‘Today, a woman driving an open top black coupé car stopped at the junction. Removing her son from the car she helped him to undress for a pee.

After putting her son back in the car, she then hoisted up her long multi-colored flowing dress, released her bright yellow lace G string, squatted and proceeded to urinate on the road.

Again, this was done in full view of the opposite households. When she drove off, I was, as always, left looking at a flow of steaming p**s.’

And now she has issued a threat to these annoying pi**-takers. ‘Unless you want to end up on video on the social media platform TikTok then please give some consideration to those of us who have to bear witness to this hideous, appalling, not to mention illegal behaviour. Ask yourself how you might feel if this ghastly, primitive and inexcusable behavior was happening directly opposite your home.’

She says the solution is really simple and not hard to do. ‘Plan your toilet breaks but please refrain from using access link roads as public toilets. In short, stop taking the p**s!’

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