‘Women need to make money before venturing into politics’

A public commentator, Mariya Ibrahim has urged women to be financially independent before venturing into politics.

Ibrahim did this when she appeared on Trust TV’s Daily Politics on Friday.

“Women need to be empowered. Before I went into politics, I had to make my own money,” she said.

The public commentator stressed that women should go into politics with the mindset to serve and not to make money as politics is not a money-making venture.

“You don’t go into politics to make money, you go into politics to serve. So if you don’t have money, can you operate? You go to the office where you are expecting something from the chairman or someone… it is wrong, then you’ll be disrespected. The most important thing for women is for us to be empowered. Let them be entrepreneurs, let them set up something and make some income and then take it up from there.”

She highlighted that parents need to empower their children and train them right to prepare them for the realities of life.

“If you look at the Nigeria of today and compare it with our own days, parents introduce and expose their children to money. When we were growing up, money doesn’t mean anything to us, what matters is getting the basics, but today it’s not the same.

“Parents spoil their children with money… children respond to stimuli and that is why training and upbringing is very important. You must give a good upbringing to your child so that when they grow up and go back into society, he will be able to perform well.”

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