Wyre’s big US sales drive for the Munro all-electric 4×4

Hot on the heels of securing the exclusive distribution rights to the Munro 4×4 utility EV – seen by some as the answer to the famous American ‘Humvee’ – all-electric vehicle sales and leasing company Wyre is now in talks with a major utilities firm.

Rebecca Hansen, managing director of Glasgow-based Wyre, spills the beans to Norrie Hunter.

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Rebecca Hansen, managing director of Wyre

Tackling the massive fleet vehicle markets of the USA may sound a daunting prospect but the potential is enormous and offers lucrative opportunities for those with the right product and ambitious strategies.

The recent collaboration between Scottish 4×4 EV manufacturer Munro Vehicles and electric vehicle sales and leasing specialist Wyre provides a unique automotive mix that already has companies across the pond excited.

Production and sales could reach over 3,000 vehicles by the end of 2025 – and Wyre has said the unique Scottish all-terrain EV “has the opportunity to make it big” in the United States, including through “compelling” pricing of around £75,000 ( some $88,000).

The business is targeting customers in major US utility markets, the oil fields of Texas, farmers in Florida, forestry businesses in Canada and the gold mines of Nevada.

And Rebecca Hansen, director of Wyre, has one distinct advantage – she’s American and understands US fleet markets well.

As she arrived at Heathrow Airport for her flight to the US, she spoke exclusively to Fleet World about how the deal with Munro Vehicles could be the start of a major production run for the Glasgow-based manufacturer.

Will this be the first targeted sales and leasing program you’ve undertaken in the USA as part of the association / collaboration with Munro Vehicles in Scotland?

In anticipation, I’ve already approached several potential clients that have expressed interest and this was the motivation for the Wyre/Munro partnership. Those organizations based in Texas for example are in the electric utility and the oil and gas sectors. These potential clients have paved the way for my visits.

Wyre has said the unique Scottish all-terrain EV “has the opportunity to make it big” in the United States

Can you name (or describe the industry) the companies / organizations you will be talking with?

I’ll be following up with several other contacts in Texas but I’m taking a somewhat conservative approach due to the small number of vehicles that will be available initially next year. The focus will be on structuring multi-year deals where 2023 is proof of concept with each customer being initially allocated one or two Munro 4×4 vehicles. Each would then, hopefully, place orders for 10 to 20 vehicles for delivery in 2024/5.

What have been the initial reactions from US companies / organizations to news of the Munro 4×4 coming their way?

There has been some really good and highly positive feedback even from a few contacts that I’ve yet to meet and this has been as a result of the wide media coverage over the last 10 days. Unbelievably, I’ve also had someone looking to work with us to distribute in Canada as well as Kenya. In addition, I’ve had some really good discussions with a very large international mining organization, again based on the recent media coverage.

What are your / Wyre’s expectations from this trip, ie, are you hoping to sign actual contracts?

I’m absolutely looking to book orders. I’m looking to invite all our initial customers to the global launch in Edinburgh in November. Obviously, they will be at the front of the line to get their hands on vehicles as well as securing follow-on deliveries in 2024.

What have you got planned for future trips?

I’m back in the US for three weeks in November for an investors’ roadshow as part of a large debt-funding round. We’re looking to raise £50m to expand our Munro Fleet to approximately 1,000 vehicles.

Are you confident that the production capacity at Munro Vehicles will be able to meet US customers’ demands?

The sales and delivery expectations have to be carefully managed, not just for Munro Vehicles, but for all electric vehicle productions worldwide. Wyre is in a position to sell the EVs that any manufacturer is currently able to fulfill. We have a massive backlog from numerous suppliers. Our approach to establish a multi-year delivery schedule will very much provide comfort to customers that deliveries will take place as scheduled and also provide the time for Munro to scale up to the necessary production quantities.

Is Canada next on your radar, or indeed any other countries?

We’ve always had Canada on the radar and will definitely be following up on some relationships we have there; specifically, with some of the largest Canadian mining and oil companies.

Will you be inviting US company representatives to visit Scotland to see Munro Vehicles?

Heck, I invite everyone I speak with to visit Scotland. Never had a person tell me they thought that was a terrible idea.

  • Norrie Hunter is a former motor industry public relations manager, freelance journalist and motoring writer. He now assists the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland with press and media communications. He is an EV owner and lives in North Ayrshire.

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